[Marry Me!] Chapter 1

PHEW!  What a busy week this has been! the biggest thanks in the world to our super awesome translator Spacewhales to cranked out this translation in record time.  We’re both very curious where this story goes and we hope you guys are too! After the redraws and translation that went into this chapter, we’re both in need of some rest. 


Anyways, here you guys go!!!

Chapter 1 “Please Marry Me!

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Kuhime Chapter 2

Happy Wednesday everyone!!

Here’s chapter 2 of Kuhime to get you guys along for the rest of the week.  Massive thanks to Guraphe for translating this chapter. What a champ!



p.s. 100 Days and chuusotsu worker coming out next.

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Kuhime Chapter 1 + Silver Wolf, Blood, Bone Chapter 3

What a couple of busy days! Saying I’m exhausted would be an understatement. Guraphe and I worked really hard to get these chapters out and this new series!!



College student Seiji Kitou and his friends go to an abandoned building as a test of courage, and meet an attractive woman who is a monster that swiftly kills and eats people as soon as she meets them. While trying to escape, Seiji is saved by a mysterious woman with the same ability, Kiri. – aaseschweitz

Silver Wolf Chapter 3

Kuhime Chapter 1


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Two updates…

A lot of you have been asking for it and so here they are!

Chapter 5 of “Chuusotsu Worker kara Hajimeru Koukou Seikatsu Roudousha”

and Chapter 2 of Silver Wolf, Blood, Bone.

Lots of work went into these chapters so a big thanks to the awsome staff

Translators Guraphe and Spacewhales, and typesetter Dhrubo.

enjoy the chapters!!

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100 days!! (Hyakunichikan!!) Ch 3

Chapter 3 is out!

Thanks to golden roze scans for providing the translation!

Chapter three

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Silver Wolf, Blood, Bone Ch 1

Ok, So before I say anything, a HUGE thank you to Guraphe who’s a real champ! Translating is no easy task and without our hard working translators, you guys wouldn’t have any manga to read!

Thank being said, enjoy this new series!

Silver Wolf, Blood, Bone

It’s been years since the vampires were wiped out, but it looks like another kind of monster is troubling the city. In the latest serial murder case, corpses are found with blood and meat, but all the bones missing. To investigate the monstrous murders, the police send for the famous retired vampire hunter, 70-year-old Hans Vapitto. He feels a strong connection to the city, and agrees to return to the field to protect it once again. This time he’s teamed up with the youngest employee of the police department, and he also has a young half-vampire woman on his side. Will Hans be able to protect his city from this new threat? [tethysdust]

Chapter one

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Mistakes were made… [100 days!! (Hyakunichikan!!) Ch 2]

As you can guess by the title I kinda screwed up last time on the chapter order. The last chapter released that was suppose to be Chapter 2 was in fact an extra chapter and not part of the story line.


That being said, here’s the real chapter two ready for your viewing pleasure.  And of course, I have to give credit where credit is due. This chapter could not be possible without the help of those glorious bastards over at golden roze scans. They kindly provided the translations. Thanks to them, I’ll be able to get the next couple of chapters out faster then in the past. If you can, send them a kind word or two for their generosity.

And so…. ENJOY!!

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Boku to rune to Aoarashi Ch 14

Chapter 14 of Boku is here!



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Suzuki just wants to live a quiet life Ch 1

New series for you lovely people. First and foremost I’d like to give credit to our super awesome translator Guraphe who cranked this translation out faster then I thought humanly possible.

Secondly, I’d like to give credit to Defry over on Bato who requested this series after noone else picked it up.

As a heads up, this series is darker then anything else we’ve released so far. There’s blood, murder, and more blood.


Due to reasons Jinsuke has to live in secrecy with his mother. But they can’t stay safe for long. Their pursuers catch up with them, and leave Jinsuke’s mother for dead. Their mysterious neighbor Suzuki hears the gun shot, saves Jinsuke, and gets dragged into a murderous chain of events… On the run with the targeted boy, the solitary female assassin Suzuki discovers the warmth of human relationships for the first time.    
Description: Silent Manga Audition

Chapter one

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100 days!! (Hyakunichikan!!) Ch 2

Nobody likes mondays, so here’s a new chapter to help cope with those monday blues!


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