[Taishau Wotome Otogibanashi] Updated links + Other series status

Howdy everyone! It’s the weekend and that means another chapter of Taishau wotome otogibanshi! Normally I’d like to make a post for each individually chapter but I have to admit that I got pretty lazy in doing so.

That being the case, I’ll go ahead and link to the chapters that I haven’t. You can also read the rest of the chapters, all of our releases actually,  on our reader at this link.

Ch 17    Ch 18   Ch 19   Ch 20   Ch 21  Ch 22 Ch 23   Ch 24  Ch 25 


Now, as far as the other series goes, I’ve been getting some e-mails asking about their status and they are as follows.

100 Days!

On the back burner. I’ll continue work after Taishau wotome ends.

Boku to rune to Aoarashi

No translator.

Chichi Musume ni Narimashita (Kari)

No plans to work on, (plus no translator).

Chuusotsu Worker kara Hajimeru Koukou Seikatsu Roudousha

Picked up by Ravens Scans

Killer Killer

Picked up and completed by Not Equal Scans.


No translator.

Marry Me!

Picked up by Rakuen Translations & Rebellion Scans.

Silver Wolf, Blood, Bone

No translator.


Dropped. One unreleased chapter coming out eventually.

Suzuki just wants to live quietly

No raws + No translator.


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