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[Marry Me!] Chapter 3

Another chapter of Marry Me! is out! Chapter 3 titled “If you’re lost, I’ll find you” is out and available on our reader right now! Huge thanks goes to spacewhales for translating this chapter! You can read the chapter here

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[Marry Me!] Chapter 2

Chapter 2 of Marry Me! is out and ready for you guys! Chapter two titled “Marriage registration” is up on our reader. Thanks to our translator Spacewhales for working on the chapter!!!

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HighSchool life for a middle school worker Ch 7

Hiya folks! Slowly but surely updates are coming. Thanks to Spacewhales for translating this chapter!   Enjoy!!! 

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Boku to rune ch 15 + Kuhime 5

Two more updates for you lovely people!! Both of these chapters were translated by the awesome Guraphe, so a big kudos there!! Boku Ch 15 Kuhime Ch 5

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